Sunday, July 30, 2006

Love: The extremes of Human emotion and relationships

“This thing called love” is a central theme in some of my stories, because in runs the length and breadth of the human experience. As a writer, I often find it interesting to explore the ways in which we humans can interact on a romantic level. In the words of singer Al Green from the song Love and Happiness: “Love and happiness... something that can make you do wrong, make you do right...”

Love will make you sacrifice your own life or to kill a bunch of innocents; to be self-less or selfish; ad infinitum… In other words you can weave any human emotion or even several into a love story. It can be happy or tragic or both. No boundaries, I like that.

Also, love stories allow the writer to throw together the most unlikely characters to form relationships. Love transcends race, religion, ethnicity, economics, language, age, politics, etc. When that special something clicks between a male and a female, the various jumble of laws and traditions scribbled by mankind over the millennia give way to the superior laws of God and Mother Nature allowing pure attraction to occur at the basic level. Writing stories developing such characters and their interactions and trials and tribulations with the world around them and with each other is both engrossing and challenging.

So I implore you: conjure two characters and add a spark; then let love lead the way!


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